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I deserve a time out

4 Nov

I think I should put myself into mommy time out. It seems I have been a very neglectful garden momma these past few weeks. Since fall has come along, so has work duties and other day to day nuisances come down in full force. I have sorrily neglected my greens for the past few weeks and the cold weather has proven deadly.

This update is to report the dire status of my greens. Most have wittled in the November cold. My chinese greens are growing like weeds, though I doubt they’ll survive the winter chill. So too are my baby butter lettuce likely to freeze before they mature. My south planters have sadly mostly all gone into hibernation. The winter is upon us and although brave they were, my greens simply weren’t mothered and nurtured enough this season to grow big and strong.

Sorry babies, mother has failed you.

But I have a plan now. Come next spring, bright and early, I’ll be planting seeds as soon as late February and early March. For now, I will continue to update with food and gardening whims as they come to me, though it is unlikely that I will have much to report on the progress of my current greens. *sigh*

So stay tuned friends! This is absolutely not the end to my gardening escapades. I assure you, I have more living things to grow and kill in the coming months. 🙂


Gutsy Gardeners

21 Sep
Gorgeous 31st Ave garden! Oh my!

31st Avenue garden

Plants are inspiring and their owners even more so. Ms. Janice Kreider’s local garden blog is simply breathtaking. Her neighbors garden bounty do not fall shy either. In fact, after seeing photos of her 31st avenue walk through in Vancouver, I’m so very tempted to take a personal stroll through the neighborhood myself to see how the pros grow greens.I believe the king of brussel sprouts lives there!

Knight and Broadway Community Garden

Knight and Broadway Community Garden

Urban gardeners are also just plain gutsy. No space? No worries. Carve front lawns into pumpkin patches, porches into a food trellis, and even turn an ugly back alley into an edible haven. Got an empty car in the back yard? Plant food in it! This car is part of the Knight and Broadway community garden. Pretty fantastic, no? Gardeners got some guts, I tell ya!

Miss Eats eats local, right from her backyard

12 Sep
Cherry Tomatoes! Yum!

Cherry Tomatoes! Yum!

I became an urban gardener about 2 weeks ago. If you count the bushy tomatoes my husband decided to plop in to the backyard this summer, then I’m 3 months new to this whole gardening thing. Truth is, probably like many, I fell into it because of boredom, and like many, I was not born with a green thumb. In fact, I’ve been known often as the green reaper – killing all things green in my path.

No, I am also not growing vegetables in my backyard because of some environmental creed to eat local (though, I fully understand and can appreciate the tastiness of local produce!), but because I am looking for a hobby and my husband’s tomato plants have been immune to my reaper hands, not to mention that they have delighted us with sweet little fruit all summer long!

So how did it happen? Well, it was simply one sunny weekend after many sunny weekends where I was standing bored in my backyard thinking to myself, “I like food. No I really like food! I also have a backyard full of dirt and a whole weekend with nothing to do… Eh, lets grow some food!”

And that’s how it happened. Seriously. $32 dollars worth of seeds later, I’m officially a vegetable gardener.

So this little blog space will be the chronicling of my food gardening adventures. Each week, I’ll be updating the progress of my vegetable patch straight from my urban back yard. The trials and tribulations will be many, so if you’re like me, a complete novice to growing food for yourself, you’ll have a friend here digging dirt, just like you.

Garden start, go!