About Miss Eats

I’m just a girl with a patch of dirt in my back yard that I decided to throw seeds into. Like most urbanites, I would like to think I know where my food comes from, but the last 3 months of back yard gardening has opened my mind up to where food begins.

You know I’m a city girl when it never occurred to me that a single seed would grow a single carrot. My assumption was that in the stores they come in batches, so they must come in batches when in the ground! ERR! Wrong. And who would of known that it takes near 60 days to grow a head of lettuce? The ease of purchasing fresh produce at the grocery store really makes the growing part an absolutely invisible but essential part of the entire food process. So when I stumbled across becoming a new vegetable gardener, it really solidified how much work it really is to grow a bowl of salad or few batches of carrots.

So that’s where I begin with this blog. It’s a journal of an urbanite gardener, a novice green thumb.

Aside from cultivating my new found interest in growing food, I’m also a big video games fanatic, a web designer on the side, a communicator on the other side, and a wife and general big geek on the other other side. One thing is assured, I’m not your conventional gardener. I know little to nothing about planting anything. But as my grandma used to tell me, as a kid, I’d always be the first one to run feet first into the garden manure.

Digging soil, planting seeds, and eating my loot if I manage to grow it – I’m Vanessa and I am an urban gardener.

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