I deserve a time out

4 Nov

I think I should put myself into mommy time out. It seems I have been a very neglectful garden momma these past few weeks. Since fall has come along, so has work duties and other day to day nuisances come down in full force. I have sorrily neglected my greens for the past few weeks and the cold weather has proven deadly.

This update is to report the dire status of my greens. Most have wittled in the November cold. My chinese greens are growing like weeds, though I doubt they’ll survive the winter chill. So too are my baby butter lettuce likely to freeze before they mature. My south planters have sadly mostly all gone into hibernation. The winter is upon us and although brave they were, my greens simply weren’t mothered and nurtured enough this season to grow big and strong.

Sorry babies, mother has failed you.

But I have a plan now. Come next spring, bright and early, I’ll be planting seeds as soon as late February and early March. For now, I will continue to update with food and gardening whims as they come to me, though it is unlikely that I will have much to report on the progress of my current greens. *sigh*

So stay tuned friends! This is absolutely not the end to my gardening escapades. I assure you, I have more living things to grow and kill in the coming months. 🙂

One Response to “I deserve a time out”

  1. Linds November 4, 2009 at 8:18 pm #

    When you plant next spring, let me know what you are most excited about and when you do it. I have a patio out back and would love to do a “sister garden” (you know, like a “sister city”) sort of thing. I probably don’t have all the room you have, and everything will need to be in pots, but it would be fun to do some gardening in parallel.
    I’ll be watching for updates come spring!

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