Day 23: My Lavender Army

6 Oct
Lavender army

Lavender army

I run a sovereign garden community. And like every good totalitarian government, it need invest an exorbitant amount on the military. Following in the footsteps of good fascist leaders of our world, I’ve started up my own army – a lavender army to be exact.

Since last week’s Mean Kitty incident, I’ve decided that border guards are necessary. I enlisted spikey lavender to this arduous task. You see, this website suggests many other impressive technologically advanced mechanisms like cat ultrasound, and motion sensored smart water attack systems, but I’m an old fashioned dictator. I like to use biological deterrents.

So to my garden military supply chain I went. Home Depot had a whole crate of lavender plants – just what I was looking for! I brought 6 of them home and planted them strategically in my garden. One I placed directly in front of the entrance to the beast kitty’s spy hole in the fence. Others I scattered across the garden.

You see, cats do not like robustly fragrant plants. Lavender being extremely pungent is a good cat repellent. The lavender have stood guard for over a week, and since there have been no kitty trespassers that I have seen. My lavender army is proving to be a winning strategy against the “War on Kitty Terror”!

Stay tuned for more updates on this breaking kitty alert.

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