Day 12: Baby greens showing personality

25 Sep
"Miss Lucky" Lettuce

"Miss Lucky" Lettuce

12 days into the vegetable garden and most of my seedlings are growing strong. The butterhead lettuce, chinese greens, kale and chard are sprouting surely.

“Miss Lucky” Lettuce

In fact, only 12 days old and my cute little butter lettuce are already showing signs of personality, sprouting a brown sheen on their delicate skins. It makes their momma oh so proud!

And since they’re to take on unique signs of life, I’m finding it hard not to give them all nick names. Butterhead lettuce were the first to sprout and so I’m christening it my “Miss Lucky” Lettuce.

“Cheeky Chinese” Greens

Cheeky Chinese Greens

Cheeky Chinese Greens

Near by, my oh so cheeky Chinese greens have also made an entrance in full bloom. In fact, they’re the strongest ones so far with broad leaves. They’re also sprouting a distinctive feathery leaf alongside their rounded ones.

I’m naming them “Cheeky” chinese greens because they’re awfully mischevious. You see they’re one of the ones that were mosh pit sowed. So they’re growing in wild spurts. A trait they acquired under their garden momma’s rather misfit hands.  Oh well, nurture in this case is to blame.

"Sir" Kale

"Sir" Kale

“Sir” Kale

My kale are the strong manly variety it seems. So it is only appropriate that I address them with “Sir”. They do have a distinctly strong gentlemanly demeanor, standing tall and lean. Even in their tender youth, they are already showing signs of their manly toughness and  swagger. My kale will be kings!

“Sultry” Shard

Every family has a siren. My shard are the sultry ones, already showing their sexy red leggings. Yes, they’re growing bright red stalk 12 days in! So gorgeous! Unfortunately, only a few have sprouted so far. I’m hoping for more to come but it looks unlikely.

The Degenerates

At this point, it seems my Mesculan greens, carrots and spinach are the degenerates. 12 days in and they have not sprouted. It’s rather sad. I’m giving them a few more days and hoping that they’ll show some sign of life soon!

And that’s the update! We’ve had a great bout of sunshine in late September so the veg are growing strong. Few days of rain fall so far, so I’m hand watering every other day. Again, absolutely no measure for why this often or this intermitant. Novice’s hunch maybe?

Next update to come in a few days.

Click gallery below for larger images:


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