Day 6: Babies show sign of heartbeat

20 Sep
Butterhead Lettuce

Butterhead Lettuce

My seeds are sprouting! Just a few days ago there was no sign of life. This morning, I saw life! My butterhead lettuce and chinese greens are sprouting strongly. Salad greens have yet to peak their heads out yet, so I’m guessing a few more days for them. Kale is also going strong. I’m not too worried about the kale since they grow pretty much like weed.

Now the curious part are the spinach. You see, I made the novice mistake of literally shaking the packet into the dirt. I think in my excitement, I may have let the wind blow a few (ok a generous amount) all over one side of the garden. Woops! I’m getting baby sprouts everywhere in the south planter. I hear spinach grows pretty wild so I’m going to let it do its thing for a few more days before “aborting” the wanderers. Yes, that’s what it feels like as I plucked a few of the sprouts out of the dirt today. It felt wrong and dirty. But it must be done!

Very excited to see my seeds growing strong in 6 short days!


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